Nickname: Bill
Title: Football/ Administrative Service
Year Inducted: 2017
Transfer/Graduation Date: 1967

Bill Kinney attended Chula Vista High School from 1962-1965 and was a multi-sport athlete in football, tennis and track for the Spartans. He also served as Senior Class President developing leadership skills he would utilize as an athlete, coach and administrator throughout a successful educational career.

From 1965 to 1967, Bill attended Southwestern College, competed in tennis for the Apaches, and was coached by SWC’s legendary Athletic Director and Hall of Famer Tom Parker. He was also mentored by Head Football Coach and Hall of Famer Claude Gilbert. His relationship with these two dynamic and highly successful men helped shape his personal philosophy, work ethic and dedication to whatever task he was given.

Bill transferred to San Diego State University in 1967 and graduated in 1970 with a B.A. ultimately earning his M.A. in Education from Azusa Pacific University.

Hired by Southwestern College shortly after graduating from SDSU, Bill began an illustrious career as a teacher, coach and administrator for the Apaches/Jaguars that has spanned nearly four decades. He was the Intramural Director from 1971-1973, Men’s Head Tennis Coach from 1971-1978 and the Women’s Head Tennis Coach in 1990. He was also Assistant Football Coach under Wes Forman (1972-1975) and under Bob Mears (1983-1989.) From 1990-1994 Bill was the Jaguars Head Football Coach, helping student athletes gain skills and scholarships. Bill’s best memory is beating perennial state power Saddleback for the first time.

Recognized for his effective leadership skills while working with students, faculty and other administrators—along with his innate ability to reconcile personnel or budget problems—Bill has been recruited to fill multiple administrative positions to initiate new programs or solve both immediate or long-term academic program needs. Bill has been Provost/Dean of the Higher Education Center in National City, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs two times, Acting Dean of the School of Social Sciences, and of the School of Language, Literature, Career and Technical Studies.

Retiring in 2010, Bill participated in the Continuation of Service Program as Professor Emeritus in the School of Wellness, Exercise Science and Athletics (WESA). During this time, he also volunteered as an assistant football coach at Eastlake High School, and the team won four Metro Championships and two IA CIF Championships.  In 2015 he was asked once again to be the Interim Dean of Arts, Communications and Social Sciences, and he accepted. As a campus leader, Bill continues to advocate for SWC’s student athletes, WESA and its programs without consideration of campus politics, trends or budgetary constraints.

Bill’s family includes stepson, Kyle, who is currently serving in the Air Force and 18-year-old daughter, Grace, who he has raised since she was 14.  When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says, “Regardless of the position I held, I would like to think that my students benefited from me being in that position.”

Bill Kinney, for your immense contributions to Southwestern College as a professor, coach and administrator, the Athletic Hall of Fame would like to thank you for your years of service and induct you into the Class of 2017!